New Hours

Linda’s has new hours!

Now open Tuesday – Saturday, from 8am to 3pm

Why are we changing hours?
We are closing for dinner to focus more on our projects to work with local farmers, so that in turn we can continue to serve you food that is local and organic. A big project we are especially proud of is our prepared food CSA, learn more and join in!

Watch this space for more news and sign ups for the dinners and cooking classes!

Linda’s Dream

LindaLocalFood-logoLinda’s Local Food Cafe aspires to become the place where you can get information about local food and farmers, as well as a place where you know that you can get goods that are prepared with total care for how the ingredients are produced.

In the near future we would like to have a store that sells all these goods, starting with a farm stand for fresh goods and prepared dishes, as well as, becoming the first organic and local, full service restaurant by donation in this area.


Why we need you to become a member?  So we can reach these goals in the near future and remain financially viable, otherwise known as keeping the doors open. Our goals are untested territory and there is a chance that, without your support, we are not able to continue functioning as we move towards making this our new business model.

Why are we taking the risk? Because we believe that it requires taking chances to create the space in which the benefits that these concepts represent, can become a reality for all of us to share in.

Features of our Model

The farm stand will allow for the farmers to have a retail space to sell their goods (right now the only place is the farmer’s market) and it will allow more people to buy directly from the farmers outside of the farmer’s market hours. (learn more ~ the farm stand and its benefits to everyone)

The restaurant by donation will allow for us to offer everyone, regardless of ability to pay, access to a meal that is nutritious. Nourishing food that is not chemically laden, in our opinion, is a right and should not be a privilege (learn more ~ how the restaurant by donation works for everyone’s benefit)

Join In!

Please bring or mail donations to:

Linda’s Local Food Cafe,
309 W College Dr.
Durango, CO 81301

We deserve in this region to have delicious, nutritious, clean food and a vibrant and financially sustainable food system and it can happen all because of YOUR support! Thank you for being part of helping us build a resilient local food community.


Suggested Donation Levels and Benefits

Supporter $50
At the Supporter level, you get a punch card for $50 dollars worth of delicious meals at the restaurant, and a 50% coupon towards one of Linda’s unique and exciting cooking classes!
Conscious Foodie $100
In addition to the benefits from the Supporter level, Foodies get $100 of our food at the restaurant, and upgrade the discount coupon for ONE FREE class with Linda!
Farmhand $250
Farmhands receive Foodie benefits with an extra cooking class, a special thank you of a $100 gift certificate for Linda’s, and will have their generosity recognized on our web site!
Locavore $500
Upgrading to a full blown CSA membership for a quarter-year and keeping the classes, Locavores are also given a $150 dollar gift certificate for Linda’s towards restaurant and prepared food purchases, and are thanked on our website and in the cafe as the Locavores who made it happen!
Local Food Leader $1000
Additional to all the benefits from the Locavore level, Leaders receive a $250 gift certificate to Linda’s and prepared food purchases, have CSA membership extended for a total of 2 quarters, and will have the opportunity to hold a special gathering at the restaurant catered by Linda for 10 people at cost. Local Food Leaders will be named, at their option, both on the website and in the restaurant, as pillars of community support in local food, local farming, and vibrant community.

Watch this space for daily specials

We have different specials on a regular basis, check back here to see what we’ll be offering!


Open Tues-Sat
8am to 3pm

Phone: 970-259-6729

Linda’s Local Food Café
309 West College Drive
Durango, CO 81301
(Next to Albertsons)