Great food from local farms


Welcome to Linda’s Local Food Café. Our mission: we are committed to contributing in making our community healthier and wealthier, by serving real food and doing everything we can, to directly support local farmers.

Recently, we have expanded our menu from being exclusively a Mexican restaurant, in order to be able to increase our capacity to use local and organic products. All of our meats are now locally sourced and as the growing season allows, we will source more and more produce from our local farms and where not possible we will do our best to find small scale organic suppliers, ideally within the state of Colorado. There will also be a greater selection of cocktails, based on the use of local seasonal products and spirits that are made in our state. We are already one of the few restaurants in Durango that can offer a choice of beers from each of our four breweries.

Currently, our website is undergoing some renovations for the summer, but please browse the menu and feel free to visit and try our delicious meals.

We hope to see you at the restaurant and that you are able to help us continue to support our local farming community!

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Open Tues-Sat
8am to 3pm

Phone: 970-259-6729

Linda’s Local Food Café
309 West College Drive
Durango, CO 81301
(Next to Albertsons)